Definitely enjoyed my time at BFSU!

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Author: CHEN Zishuo 作者:陈子朔


Currently registered at Sports Management and Coaching, University of Bath


Since I've already had college experience abroad, when I decided to return to BFSU and attend their prep course, I had high expectations for the teaching quality here at BFSU.

The prep courses consist of two parts, language courses mainly consist of reading, listening, speaking, and writing courses, and specialized major courses, such as finance, economics, management, algebra, calculus, literature, education, etc. At first, I thought the language courses were quite simple because it's only a fundamental English program focusing on the IELTS. Personally, I've already taken the TOEFL and received a decent score so I thought taking these similar courses again would be a waste of time. So I asked the department director if I could take some undergraduate courses alongside other undergraduate students at BFSU. Director Yang was very supportive and he enrolled me in a few freshman and sophomore level classes, including intensive reading, narrative writing, sociological English, debating, translating for business and trading, etc. The undergraduate courses exceeded my expectations completely. I always knew BFSU was a language learning school, but the level of English (I will only talk about English and not other foreign languages since that's what I studied here) taught here as a freshman-level is ridiculously high. They really teach you to speak, comprehend and use English like a true foreigner, like someone who speaks English as a first language. They mostly use materials published by British or American publishers, so we really get to learn English in its original form, instead of having Chinese influence in the teaching. The instructors for these courses are very experienced teachers and professors, and they would make sure that we differentiate the structure and interpretation of English and Chinese so we can learn English with a brand new mindset. For example, for some courses, we would use videos from YouTuber or TED Talks, so we familiarize ourselves with authentic English speakers and identify the difference between how they would express themselves, compared to how Chinese people would phrase that same statement. I have the most profound respect for these instructors, they are truly teaching English at the highest level in the whole country. 

I've definitely enjoyed my time at BFSU, both in the prep and undergraduate program.



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